Choose flip-flops on a high platform, do not buy absolutely flat slaps, these are not convenient to walk, legs become tired and flat feet can develop.

Children’s slippers

Certainly, the health and safety of our children are the main factors that influence the choice of children’s shoes. On the warm sandy shore of the children may be in for trouble such as stones, broken glass or sharp sticks. Therefore it is necessary to protect as much as possible and protect children’s legs. Of course, all the kids strive to run barefoot on the warm sand, but still it is necessary to teach the child to wear slippers in which he will feel more protected. When choosing children’s slippers, be sure to give preference to quality materials. Today, mainly in the markets, there is a lot of poor-quality footwear, made of harmful and dangerous materials, which adversely affect the body. We advise you to apply to a special children’s store where you will be able to provide a quality certificate or a certificate of hygienic examination confirming that the slippers are made of safe materials. Slippers with a double-layer sole – upper cork layer and lower rubber – are considered good. It is desirable that on the slippers was a small heel – up to 1 – 1.5 cm – this will become a guarantee of comfort and proper formation of the bend of the foot. Many children’s slippers are made of materials that prevent slipping, so the baby will be safe from a slippery surface, such as on the side of the pool. Baby slippers should be light and comfortable, so that the baby feels comfortable. Many manufacturers produce models with insteps that will contribute to the proper formation of the child’s foot.

Another thing – Vietnamese.

On the expanses of the former USSR, they are also called, according to old memory, also slates – by the name of the city in the Leningrad Region, in which these slippers were stamped for the whole Union. The style is simple: the sole plus the membrane between the fingers. By the way, these “thongs” of different peoples were attached to the sole in different ways: among the ancient Greeks, like us, between the big and second toes, among the Romans – between the second and third fingers, among the population of Mesopotamia – between the third and fourth fingers . And actually Vietnam was not the homeland of Vietnamese, although now this footwear is very common, as in all Asian countries, including China.

This season, leather slippers again became popular, as they were used in numerous collections of famous fashion designers around the world. Fashion world again saw the potential in this trend of the nineties. But if you are not sure if you need to join this trend, or just want to wear flip-flops without harm to your fashionable reputation, then here are some useful ways how you can wear leather flip-flops with style. Want to know what shoes will be popular in the summer season, read the article. Combine them with the dress – leather flip flops combined with dresses give you a more casual / cool look than when you are wearing flip flops or sandals, despite the fact that you look a little reserved. This combination is great for a wonderful balance of femininity and everyday life, which looks great in the summer. Turn pants is a classic way of modeling your leather slippers: tucked pants and shirt. But if you do not want to look as normal as possible, then let your hair be slightly ruffled, or put on a shirt with some kind of statement or just an inscription.

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