We asked hosiery industry veterans with decades of experience about the socks they like to wear for maximum comfort, and we followed their advice. A double-wide, graduated welt and more spandex throughout the sock provide a form-fitting structure that supports your leg, and it stays in place without strangling your calves. People tell us at the end of the day they forget they’re wearing socks at all.

We wrote our own software to prototype designs quickly. Along the way, we patented a way to make socks with complex patterns stretch for comfort. Not only does our technology yield a more comfortable sock, it also lets us go from design concept to knitting in minutes instead of days, freeing up valuable machine time. Our yarn inventory of more than a hundred colors and the small batch manufacturing model we created means you get an unprecedented range of design and color.

...entirely made in America.

We use the finest Merino wool, sheared in America’s western heartland and spun in South Carolina. Our long-staple Supima® cotton is grown in California’s San Joaqin Valley, and made into yarn in Georgia. Our socks are designed in San Francisco, and our yarn is dyed and knit into elegant, comfortable socks in the hills of North Carolina. We run our own knitting machines in the center of what once was a thriving American hosiery industry. And we’re doing our best to ensure it will thrive again.
Jestervile in Anise

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